Здесь представлены слова и текст песни The Alchemist — Not Culinarily Inclined

— Some people just say they like it
— No one can lie to me and go
— Yes, very proud of you
— And what kind of cheese is this?
— He’s a villain; he’s a villainous person
— I don’t know, man, this shit is…
— Nobody’s gonna lie to me and tell me that shit is amazing
— Al, just try it without the…
— This man says it’s good, you know it’s good
— Pasta, laughs, ooh wah
— I like it when they mix it with the tomato
— I’m not gonna say I’m culinary, culinarily inclined
— You know it’s crazy how it’s got like eighteen different flavors to it
— How much of this could you stare at?
— Yo May, you ain’t shit
— He’s a villainous person
— The key concept here is sex appeal
— I try, I stuck in there, that shit tasted very awkward, son
— I’ll accuse you of being a prick
— …villains

Текст песни (слова) Not Culinarily Inclined


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